Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuck in a Rut OR the Price of Procrastination

I have been thinking lately about 
the things I don't get done
and why.
These are some Random thoughts...
in no particular order.
Here goes...
Messes are made...and never cleaned up.

Bills don't get paid.

Chores don't get done.

Projects are never completed.

Things stay the same.

You don't take care of Yourself.

Things don't get done...
plans, vacations, schooling.

Your house stays the same...
never gets cleaned or organized,
repairs don't get done.

New things are not tried.

Recipes don't get made or even tried.
Letters don't get written...
phone calls don't get made.

Children grow up too fast...
you don't do everything you wanted to do with them.

Kind words are not spoken.

Forgiveness is not asked for...
grudges are held.

What are your thoughts on the above?
Please let us know.
Take care,
Mommy 2


Sorry this was so negative...
I want it to be turned into a positive...
By thinking and setting goals...
even if they are just daily goals.
You have to start somewhere...right?