Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday....Random

I  "found" a new blog today...
Here it is:
Lisa from...
She is a home school Mom from Texas 
with some funny stories.
I "found" her  while I was blog surfing.
Somehow I manage to do this while reading blogs I follow...
I guess that's why some days I don't get a blog post done.
Phone conversation to a friend today:
I call her...she answers!
Me: know where your phone is...
and its on!
  Then we both laugh!
Me: I am going to call you everyday...
so you will know where your phone is!  
Most days...
 I have  my phone tucked neatly in my pocket 
and usually have it on. 
Shhhhh....but somedays I forget.
Here in the "North"...
we are hoping for spring...
but not planning on it until May or June.
God has been giving us a little bit each day...
blue sunny skies...
even a few minutes is nice...
since rain has been predicted for every day this week.  

Take care,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pedicure Party @ Betsys

I   am   linking   up   to 

for the Pedicure Party
Here is the photo of my Toes:
 Nail enamel is from Avon
color: vivid violet
I  used   2  nail  artist  flower  stickers
for  my  big  toes
My pinkies I also painted over the violet with  
Sally Hansen  glittery nail color.
My  sandals  were  a  birthday  present 
 from one of my daughters.
They  were  made  in  Mexico.
They   are   size   7...
which    I    wear  a  larger   size
  in   USA   sizing.
(I    like   the   Mexico  sizing)
Go   join   up   to   the   Pedicure Party....
Betsy   is   even   giving  out   a 
Wonderful  Prize.

Take care,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 These  are  on  my  Thankful List  for  this  Week:

  •  To  Live  in  the  United States of  America 
It means that: 
We  have  alot of  privileges
  that  people in other countries don't  have.

  • For Problems
 It means that:
I  must  trust  God  to  take  care  of  me.

  •  For  a  House  to  Clean
It means that:
I  have  a  place  to  live.
  • For  broken  pieces  of tree bark  in  my  house
It means that:
We  have  wood  heat  to  keep  my  family  warm.
  • For dirty Dishes
It means that:
  We  have  Food  to  Eat
  • For   laundry  to  Do
It means that:
We have Clothes to Wear

  • For  a   Dirty  Car
It   means   that:
We   have   Transportation

These  are  just  a  few  of  the  things 
that  I  am  Thankful  for
What  are  you  thankful  for?
Take Care,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terriffic Toes Tuesday

My  friend  and  fellow blogger
is  hosting  a  Pedicure  Party
Monday  March  26 
(see notice to the right)

I  am  planning  on  participating.

Go and see for yourself...
it might make you think about spring...
and  wearing  sandals

Monday, March 19, 2012

What is in a Gift?

I had a birthday this month...
this is what a friend gave me:
 This is what I found inside:
I  have  my  very  own  set  of   PINK  tools !!!
  LOVE  these  tools  already...
  I  was  forever  asking  my  10  year  old  son...
where  did  you  put   such  and  so.
(Because  the  tool   I  was  looking   for
was  NEVER  in  the tool  drawer)
Have   a  
 Marvelous Monday !
Take care,
Don't  you  love  it
you  get  something  you  "want"
that  you  actually   "need".

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Filled Friday!!!

Who  likes  to  get "real"  mail?
Raise  your  hand !!!!
I  sure  do!
Whats  even  better...
when  its  a  surprise! 
Here is what I got in the mail yesterday:
Sent this to me!
She and her husband make these...
He cuts out the "Montana" shape.
Denise  paints  the  scenery.
Her work  looks so real.
I love it!
Thanks Denise!
go visit her site and learn more about her 
 how you can get  your own piece of art work.
Take care
until next time,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What's With This?
And this....

I thought it was spring?

That's the point....                  

I "thought" it was spring...

Remembering that this is Montana...
and we can have a snowstorm at anytime.

Oh   Well...
I still have "spring" in my heart and mind.

Take care,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Marvelous Monday Mini Makeovers

I am constantly looking for ideas for "sprucing up" things in my house.
This being said:
 Here are 
2 items in my house
 that I have done 
Mini  Makeovers on:

The  1st  is  a  chair...
I collect chairs...
after all  
when people come over...
they have to have a place to sit.

 Above   is  the   before   Picture
Here  is  the  After  picture
I  think  I  paid  $10  for  chair...
 $ 5 for the fabric

# 2
Cardboard Box.  did  read  that  correctly...
Here  is  what  it  looked  like  before:
Here  is  the  After:
Yes,  I  had  Fabric  left  over  from  the chair
to use on the box.
I  only  covered  one  end  of  the  box,
and   about  3 inches  on  each  side.
I  used  some   craft  glue  to  stick  it  down.

I   love  doing  simple  but  nice  looking  things...
especially  if   they  don't  cost  must  to do.
What    do you  like  to  do  to beautify  your home?
Take care...until next time,

Friday, March 9, 2012

Broken or Cracked ???

What would you do if you found this in your pantry?

I do believe that someone  sat something heavy on this.
So....what would you do with the glass...
make something
throw it away?

Next  ITEM:
Actually Items...
My Mugs....
They  sure  look  sad....
I  have  dropped  each  one  of  these....
The one in the middle...lost its handle...just today 8~(
My daughter thinks we should break them and make a mosaic stepping stone.
I am not quite ready to do that.
I am just a least with my mugs
Moral of the story...
Buy your mugs @ the thrift store for  25 cents each.

Take care
 have a
 Fantastic Friday,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Here are the coffee cozy winners:

1st  place

2nd  place

3rd  place

Scentsy Scent circle winners

1st  place

2nd  place

3rd  place
Rachel Clear 

Please email me with your address
to claim your prizes

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomorrow....Drawing for the Giveaway....Sign Up Now!

I will be drawing for the GIVEAWAY....
See the prizes 
Read the Rules

If you want to be put in make sure 
that you are a follower
say you want to be in the drawing.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Take care,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giveaway! Starting Today!

To Celebrate March...
I am doing a Giveaway!!! Read it Correctly.
I figured since we that live in the North
 will be celebrating having
6 more weeks of winter 
OR more...
We needed something to do....
Not really.....we can always keep warm.
So...if you read my blog...
but have not signed up as a follower...
Now is the time.

Here are some of the prizes...
Scentsy Circle's
These make your car smell wonderful

Coffee Cozies (sleeves)
These are made out of fabric...
they are like the cardboard ones you get 
when you buy coffee to go.
I use mine...
as seen on the purple Contigo Travel Mug
( mug not a prize...for example only) 

Here is how you enter:

Follow: *Reading Between the Lines* via Google Friend Connect publicly
 (2 entries)
( please leave a comment that you want to be put in the drawing )

Extra Entries:
Put my Blog Button on your sidebar, please leave a link to your blog 
{2 entries}
Put the Giveaway Button on your blog, please leave a link to your blog
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Blog about this giveaway, please leave a link to the post
 {3 entries}

Please leave a separate comment for each entry :)
Comments should be put on this post

Drawing will be Thursday March 8.
Winners will be Posted on the Blog on Friday March 9

Take care,