Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thankfulness

Its Thursday...
and I am 
that the Lord Jesus
is in control...
even if we aren't.

Jesus can make everything new.
I am praying for those today...
that are hurting.
even on a cloudy day...the sun is still shining.
And Jesus(the son) loves us.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My blog "vacation" is OVER !!!!!!

I  am sorry that I have been
I had not intended to take the whole summer off...
It just "happened".
I didn't go off on a vacation either.
This is what happened...
I got too use to using my Kindle everyday...
and its not very "blog friendly"
Here are a few greenhouse  pictures that I took today:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

8-) Thankful Thursday or Long Time no see....

has finally arrived !!!
I know that some of you have already had it for months.
Where I live...we don't see it until now.
It has been very rainy here...
which we are VERY Thankful for...
since I live near the forests and they can dry out very quickly.
With that being said...
My garden is mostly planted....
Here is what is growing.... the shadow of the greenhouse.
 Lavender....2 bushes have flowers !    8~)
This grows "wild".
My good friend uses this to make her Meadow Magic.
(See previous post)
Strawberry plants....soon to be planted.

This is the first year to have  a greenhouse....
I have had peppers,broccoli, onion and tomatoes growing in there.
Will try to keep you updated with more blogging and photos.
Take you all,

Friday, June 1, 2012

How's your Balance?

This is a Balance....

Here is the story...
A few years ago...
when my youngest son...
was much younger...
We were leaving after a dinner(potluck) at our church...
walking out a door with many steps...
I had my hands full dishes
and was trying to hold on to my son's hand.
All of the sudden, I didn't not feel very steady...
I told my son...
I am loosing my balance, I am loosing my balance!!!
He did the best to steady me
 and we did make it down the stairs without falling.
Several days later...
 I was in the kitchen...
and my 4 year old son came running into the house...

Kids say the funniest things.
Well...grownups can too.
Take care,

Friday, May 25, 2012

A thing we have....but didn't know we needed

Who has a Kindle...Kindle Fire?
Raise your hand (my hand is raised high)

Did you buy it for yourself....
or was it a gift?
 My husband bought it...
but gave it to me.
I actually didn't "know" that I needed one...
until he brought it home.
But they are sooooo handy to use.
I  daily check the free book list.
I have found a few "keeper" books there.
I am kinda picky about what I download to read.
I don't want to read it just because its free....
There other day I downloaded and read a book in one day.
I  thought the book was about a true story...
I found out in the was a true event...but not real people. 
(That was kind of disappointing)

  •  Reading news and checking weather
  • checking email and facebook
  • google searches
  • playing games(my kids like that)
Let me know what you like about your Kindle....
or what you think about Kindles.
Have a great weekend....
and go read a book(on your Kindle).
I might.
Take care,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thinking of you Thursday

I have been thinking about Blogging.....

I have lots of ideas going through my head...
I  will post some pictures about what I have been doing...

Its finally Spring(I think so)
but we have had the woodstove going all week
(where is that warm weather we had last week...or was it the week before?)
before it started raining
(yes, its been cold, rainy & sunny everyday this week, except Sunday)
Here is what we did Sunday evening after church...
 Finally....planted potatoes
Big house...little yard
I am LOVING the greenhouse...
I have tomatoes, peppers,onions and broccoli
grown from seeds...getting bigger in the nice greenhouse
some plants will stay in the greenhouse in pots...
others will go into the ground.
This is why the pictures look dark.
I took this before we started working in the garden.

Take care,
There will hopefully be another post tomorrow.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday...Marvelous Meadow Magic

I am telling you about one of the projects of
( use to share this blog with me) 
She has been a busy lady.
Her name is Lawana...
she is a pretty amazing woman.
She has alot of knowledge about 
herbal remedies.
She has her own cottage industry...
Its called 
 Meadow Magic
 she gets some  of her herbs
from her land 
 mixes them up in her kitchen
 where she lives
in rural Montana.
 The main ingredient
 in alot of her products is Olive Oil.
I personally use and love what she makes.
These are some of what she makes.
 This is Lawana...
"superwoman herbalist" 
(those are my words for her)
Here is her website
 for you to go and see for your self what she has to offer.

Take care,

Friday, May 4, 2012

You know you're a Grandma when....

You have things like this....
on your frig.  , walls and near your PC.

 This makes me happy!
Take care
and have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brrrr...signs of spring???

Hello from western Montana...
it is COLD here....brrrrrrr
I have one (of 2 ) woodstoves going today.
Spring is just around the corner...
(we hope!)

Here is what I have been busy doing...
 Going to my grandsons T-ball games.
Twice a week.

Starting seeds
Some have sprouted
And will be put in here...
And   here.
This is to show the depth of the raised bed.
This shows the growth of plants at my house...
daffodils just bloomed this week.
the other plant is a peony bush.

I hope it is warmer where you are.
How has your spring been?

Take care,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's New Wednesday

I have been shopping recently...

These were bought new...
at bargain prices
Here are some pictures of what I have gotten:

My new Tervis  24oz Tumbler
 (purchased with a 20% off coupon)
 my new tea mug complete with handle
(the mug was in my cupboard)

Various Easter decorations...
some at least 90% off original price.
Now I have some new "stuff" to decorate with.
Here is where I get some of my inspiration from.
  These are the three magazines
 that I currently subscribe to.
Lot of my ideas I see online...
I still like to look through a magazine.

Where do you get decorating ideas from?
Take care....until next time.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things:
(Not in order)

1.Collecting plates...
right & white ones,
 sometimes purple(lavender colored)
2. Grandchildren
3. A  sunny  day
4. Being  able  to  have  a  little  time  alone.
5.  Giving  little  gifts  to  people.
6.   Saving   a   few  pennies(or dollars) here and there.
7. To  have  Jesus  loving  matter  what.
8. Being  creative....BIG  or  small.
9. Having   someone  love   and   care  about  you.
10. Loving    those   around   us.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Somethings in My Old House....

Here   I   am....
back   again...
Its   been   busy  at  my  house....
More  than  normal.
My  oldest  daughter  and  her  3  kiddos
were   here  for  a  week  visiting.
They   went   home   yesterday.

Here  are  some  photos  of  my  OLD  house...

This is my front door...
complete with a real glass doorknob.
Nope...the knob is not for sale.
The walls on my front porch are decorated with this.
This  is  a   "pocket  door"  
just  off  my  living  room
from  the  front  entryway.
Doorknob  in  my  bedroom.
Doorknob  in  a  bedroom.
Doorknob  to   my  office.
The  piano   that  the girls  play beautiful music on.
My  built   in  china   cabinet...
with  a lot   of  stuff  in  it.
That's   all   for  now...
Take care,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughts on a Thankful Thursday...

The  weatherman  has  predicted...
Snow and  rain  for  this week...
 and  the   past  2  weeks...
GOD has given us this:

And  Mostly  Sunshine
This  makes  us  happy!
This  is  a  picture  of the greenhouse 
that  my  husband  built
(in our tiny backyard)
We  need  to  put  up  shelves ...
I love it....
sure hope  that  the  plants  will  too.
We  are  also  doing  some  raised  bed  gardens .
Do  you  have  gardening  plans?
Take care,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday....Random

I  "found" a new blog today...
Here it is:
Lisa from...
She is a home school Mom from Texas 
with some funny stories.
I "found" her  while I was blog surfing.
Somehow I manage to do this while reading blogs I follow...
I guess that's why some days I don't get a blog post done.
Phone conversation to a friend today:
I call her...she answers!
Me: know where your phone is...
and its on!
  Then we both laugh!
Me: I am going to call you everyday...
so you will know where your phone is!  
Most days...
 I have  my phone tucked neatly in my pocket 
and usually have it on. 
Shhhhh....but somedays I forget.
Here in the "North"...
we are hoping for spring...
but not planning on it until May or June.
God has been giving us a little bit each day...
blue sunny skies...
even a few minutes is nice...
since rain has been predicted for every day this week.  

Take care,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pedicure Party @ Betsys

I   am   linking   up   to 

for the Pedicure Party
Here is the photo of my Toes:
 Nail enamel is from Avon
color: vivid violet
I  used   2  nail  artist  flower  stickers
for  my  big  toes
My pinkies I also painted over the violet with  
Sally Hansen  glittery nail color.
My  sandals  were  a  birthday  present 
 from one of my daughters.
They  were  made  in  Mexico.
They   are   size   7...
which    I    wear  a  larger   size
  in   USA   sizing.
(I    like   the   Mexico  sizing)
Go   join   up   to   the   Pedicure Party....
Betsy   is   even   giving  out   a 
Wonderful  Prize.

Take care,