Monday, April 23, 2012

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things:
(Not in order)

1.Collecting plates...
right & white ones,
 sometimes purple(lavender colored)
2. Grandchildren
3. A  sunny  day
4. Being  able  to  have  a  little  time  alone.
5.  Giving  little  gifts  to  people.
6.   Saving   a   few  pennies(or dollars) here and there.
7. To  have  Jesus  loving  matter  what.
8. Being  creative....BIG  or  small.
9. Having   someone  love   and   care  about  you.
10. Loving    those   around   us.


Betsy said...

oh, those grands are just adorable...I can almost see the wiggles in those little ones! hahaha.

I collect pretty plates, too! I'm always amazed going through the discards at the auctions how many beautiful perfect plates are laying there for the trash. I take all of them home with me that I can find. Even if I don't keep them, I can give away a plate of cookies and tell them to keep the pretty plate, you know? I just can't see them being thrown in the trash.

I really love that purple flowered one you have there!

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

The plates only cost $1.50 each at Ross last week. 8~)
The grandkids are all very busy...but did sit for Grandma Nan to snap a few pictures.