Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's New Wednesday

I have been shopping recently...

These were bought new...
at bargain prices
Here are some pictures of what I have gotten:

My new Tervis  24oz Tumbler
 (purchased with a 20% off coupon)
 my new tea mug complete with handle
(the mug was in my cupboard)

Various Easter decorations...
some at least 90% off original price.
Now I have some new "stuff" to decorate with.
Here is where I get some of my inspiration from.
  These are the three magazines
 that I currently subscribe to.
Lot of my ideas I see online...
I still like to look through a magazine.

Where do you get decorating ideas from?
Take care....until next time.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things:
(Not in order)

1.Collecting plates...
right & white ones,
 sometimes purple(lavender colored)
2. Grandchildren
3. A  sunny  day
4. Being  able  to  have  a  little  time  alone.
5.  Giving  little  gifts  to  people.
6.   Saving   a   few  pennies(or dollars) here and there.
7. To  have  Jesus  loving  matter  what.
8. Being  creative....BIG  or  small.
9. Having   someone  love   and   care  about  you.
10. Loving    those   around   us.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Somethings in My Old House....

Here   I   am....
back   again...
Its   been   busy  at  my  house....
More  than  normal.
My  oldest  daughter  and  her  3  kiddos
were   here  for  a  week  visiting.
They   went   home   yesterday.

Here  are  some  photos  of  my  OLD  house...

This is my front door...
complete with a real glass doorknob.
Nope...the knob is not for sale.
The walls on my front porch are decorated with this.
This  is  a   "pocket  door"  
just  off  my  living  room
from  the  front  entryway.
Doorknob  in  my  bedroom.
Doorknob  in  a  bedroom.
Doorknob  to   my  office.
The  piano   that  the girls  play beautiful music on.
My  built   in  china   cabinet...
with  a lot   of  stuff  in  it.
That's   all   for  now...
Take care,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughts on a Thankful Thursday...

The  weatherman  has  predicted...
Snow and  rain  for  this week...
 and  the   past  2  weeks...
GOD has given us this:

And  Mostly  Sunshine
This  makes  us  happy!
This  is  a  picture  of the greenhouse 
that  my  husband  built
(in our tiny backyard)
We  need  to  put  up  shelves ...
I love it....
sure hope  that  the  plants  will  too.
We  are  also  doing  some  raised  bed  gardens .
Do  you  have  gardening  plans?
Take care,