Monday, December 28, 2009

We Had Fun Caroling

Last Wednesday night, December 23....
Around 30 of us from our church went caroling at several Nursing Homes and Senior living centers.

It was very fun...the picture is of Mommy1 and myself by the giant stuffed snowman.
Mommy1 is a very good singer (she can also play piano)...she has LOTS of talent(s).
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  We did.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sunday, I was making a fruit salad to take to church for a lunch we were having. As I was chopping up apples and celery for an old fashioned Waldorf salad, the sights and scents reminded me of my father. My Dad went to be with the Lord in 2000. Prior to that, he spent nearly 80 years surprising, delighting and entertaining  those who were privileged to know him. My dad was a remarkable person.

Dad was a wonderful cook. He loved to see people eat. He loved to sing off key at the top of his lungs and he really loved people. Many times in my life I have heard people speak admiringly about him. The things they seemed to notice about him were that he always was quick with a smile, that he was always the same day to day, never moody or grumpy.

These things were true. He wasn't moody or difficult, in spite of the fact that his entire body had been basically crushed in a car accident, He had seen combat in 3 wars on as many continents. One brother and many friends were buried in foreign soil as well as having his other brother presumed dead as he languished as a Japanese prisoner of war. My dad buried his first born son as a newborn, he outlived most of his 7 siblings and his parents.

My dad loved life. He Jitterbugged, Charlestoned and Twisted  through my growing up years. This was a man who never went to bars or dances, but danced and cavorted in our home. As a small child, it delighted me and as a teenager, I was embarassed a bit, but it never dimmed his singing and dancing and smiling. What love and joy must have been hidden in his heart that he could be so lively and jubilant. I miss him and I think the rest of the world  misses him or men like him. Some may not even know what they are missing, but the world is dimmer and more monochromatic without fellows like Dad.

I so hoped to cut a wide swath. To be bigger than life like my folks. I am not sure I will accomplish it. Too many times I have taken the easy path. Too many times, my song has been muted or my dance slowed by the disapproval of others. Too often I have let the heartaches and difficulties of my life take my eyes off the prize. I suspect that no one will ever be delighted or amazed by my life. I just hope to have been a blessing sometimes, to have imparted to my children how to love and serve their God and how to be good to their loved ones. I will leave the legend making to my dad. Or perhaps one of my children might put on that mantle.

Trying to shine.

Mommy 1

Friday, December 18, 2009

We had SNOW !!!!!

There has been snow everywhere lately....
Here a few "Snow" pictures.
Miss Green took the picture of the trees as I pulled over.

Mr. Snowman is a "new" decoration at my house this year...he even tips his hat.
I bought him last year after Christmas, so he sat in his box until now.

Maybe Mommy1 will post soon & I will find some photos to put with her post.
Hint, hint...
Signed Mommy2

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost in a Dream & Lost in Space

Here is a picture of the cute "Couple"...
They are planning on going snow boarding this winter,

so this is a picture of them trying on their "boarding" stuff.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Picture Taking

Ok...Just so you know...I love to take pictures...
so you will see lots on here by either Creative Chick or I.
Mommy1 has a camera, but forgets about taking pictures.
She has more important things to do, she is a writer and I will let her write...

and I will take pictures of what she writes about.
          Love you Mommy1 !!!

P.S. This  is a photo one of my latest purchases.

Going to the Post Office

The other day I went to the Post Office...and what did I see...
THIS...Big Horn Sheep. I wonder how much mail they got that day?

Signed Mommy2

Lost in a Dream's Engagement ring from Lost in Space

Here is the beautiful ring...might need your sunglasses!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ramblings from Mommy2 one of the differences between Mommy1 and I is...that I enjoy shopping...when I have money, she would rather send someone else to the store. I especially enjoy "finding" a good "bargin", so I shop. Yesterday Mommy1 needed a few items at the to me it doesn't matter what store, I AM "looking" for a bargain. I went with Mommy1 to Walgreens(her favorite store,for real) to get a few items. She is "into" shopping for makeup,which she wears well. I on the other hand can't really stand to wear makeup...though I do like jewelery and shopping for it. Anyway...we "bargin shopped" at Walgreens and got a few "free" items too, really. Now that is nice, real nice! Oh...BTW...I didn't get to go on Black Friday shopping,my choice, for several reasons. But, I am game to go just for the fun of it with the right company, so maybe next year...
P.S. the photo of the Walgreens truck is to let you know that the trucks are on the road, bringing you all the bargins that you have been waiting to buy... especially for Mommy1 and my Mom(her favorite store).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sitting on the couch with Mommy2

I have been absent for a while because I took Her Highness to a major medical center a few states away for foot surgery. She is recovering at home, commanding her subjects with her usual felicity. I am exhausted and still recovering from the trip.

Today I had an opportunity to catch a ride with Lost In Space to Mommy2's house. She took me on her errands, then let me nap on her couch for a couple of hours. After that I have had the blessing of fellowshipping with her family, including Lost In A Dream, my future daughter in law. Right now we are all snuggled in on the couch surfing the web, answering my e-mails and now posting to the bloglet.

I know something on Mommy2 that I am going to blackmail her with (or is it blackblog, in this case?) Right now I am being Her Highness and Mommy2 is making my tea! What a friend. We had a little fun earlier planning a trip (Mommys only). We can't decide whether to take the Alaska Marine Highway to Southeast Alaska to show her my old haunts, or to go talk my mom, Great Grannie, into coming to my house for a long visit. Actually neither of us has any money nor do we have child care, but it is fun to dream.

Lost In A Dream and Techno Guy cooked supper while I was napping and we enjoyed a meal of pasta and deer steak. It is really nice to feel so much at home with my friend and to all be part of the family of God. Our fellowship is sweet, our friendship enduring and our life in Christ, eternal! Woohoo! What a life.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Mommy2 tells about her family

Since Mommy1 told us about her family...I will tell you about mine:
BusinessWomen...age 27, married to Mr. Writer,
their children:
Sunshine Girl,Mr. Grumpy, Mr.Happy Boy.
Busy Mom age 23, married to Working Guy,
their children,
The Coppertops: Chubbers; Very Busy Girl.
Their Baby brother, Smily Boy.
College Girl age 21.
Lost-in-a-Dream, girl age 18.
TechnoGuy age 16.
Creative Chick age 14.
Queen of Green(I will call her, Miss Green)age 11.
Cowboy(understatement) age 8.
I am married to the
"Dad of all the children" or Mr. Mower Man.
We also reside near the Rocky Mountains.
Stay tuned to hear about our family adventures...there will be some for sure!
P.S. Picture is of Cowboy & Very Busy Girl

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mommy2 introduction

I am Mommy2 and I am sooooo glad that my dear friend Mommy1 has decided to join this adventure in blogland. Unlike me, she is a born writer and has many,many adventures to you can see we have some common ground...a wedding in our future....

Mommy 1 Intro

I have come into blogland kicking and screaming. Mommy 2 has always wanted to do this and finally I decided to play. Here goes. I am Mommy 1, mother of 8 in descending order of age. Big Army Man 26, Lanky guy, 23, Another son, Lost-in-space,19, 16 year old son, Mr. Peabody, 15 year old son, Mr. Inquisitive, 14 year old daughter, Shineylocks, 8 year old son, Speed and 5 year old daughter, Her Highness.

I am married to Sir Dashing, the handsome patriarch of this clan. Together, from the Rocky Mountains, we are guiding the 6 youngest of the clan into their "Big" lives while watching from a distance as Big Army Man and Lanky guy and their beautiful wives produce the cutest grandchildren ever born.

Stick around and when I get over this performance anxiety, I will write more of the exciting escapades of the McFamily.

P.S. Lost-in-space has recently given an engagement ring to Mommy 2's number 4 daughter, Lost-in-a-dream!

This is the beginning for us...

We are 2 Moms of a Feather.

This is our adventure sit back with us.
Have a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a biscuit or cookie or 2.