Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 4th...Traditions

As  I   think   about   July   4th...
I think about the traditions 
that my family had
when I was growing up....

This was way before the Huge Fireworks Displays 
that are prevalent today.
I   recall  going to the fireworks stand...
I  remember wanting to go the day it was set up.
We bought neat things like 
Pop Rocks, black snakes,smoke bombs,
Sparklers and pop bottle rockets.
Roman candles and the shooting fountains
were the highlight back then.
We would also buy Rootbeer and Ice Cream
in preparation for making Rootbeer Floats 
as we watched the Fireworks.
On July 4th...
My brother and I could hardly wait for it to get dark.
We would keep pestering our parents all day long...
when will it be time to invite our neighboors over 
to drink Rootbeer Floats 
and watch all the neat Fireworks that we had purchased.
As it finally got dark enough...
my brother and I would go and tell
all our elderly neighboors that it time to come over.
After each one was settled...
My Dad would proceeded to light each
Roman Candle and Fountain.
We would take the sparklers and light them and write our names.
I loved watching each sparkly Firework.
But...It was done all to soon.

Now with July 4th
only a few days away my children...namely Cowboy
has been wanting to and been to the Fireworks Stand,
and working on getting all the Fire Crackers lit and exploded.
I was the neighboorhood  children's Supervisor
for the Fireworks yesterday...
So it made me think about when I was a child...
thus this post.
What  traditions did you or do  now  for July 4th?

Love to All,
Mommy 2

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures Taken by ShineyLocks at Mommy 1's House

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sepia Saturday (night)

My Dad and friends in Saigon? 
I desperately wanted the little girl to be my sister!

God and Country awards, Mom and my brothers.
My tiny little Cherokee grandmother.
She loved circus peanuts, bananas, and orange slice candy.

Me as a teen with my first niece, Olivia Michelle. Can you tell I was smitten? Yes, this was an instamatic shot. I can't figure out how it scanned so crookedly. Michelle's hair was beautiful bright red!

By   Mommy1

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Friday

It    Looks    Like   Summer   has   Finally   Arrived:

It   is   Officially   Water   Balloon   Season....
Here   are   Photos   to   Prove  It...

This   looks   like   a   snow  sled (saucer)...
It   is...
It    is   also   this...

A    Shield....from water balloons !
Look   Likes   Fun  !

Love to All,
Mommy 2

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Happens When We Forget Things...

 a   couple   of    weeks   ago
I   needed   to   bake   some  cookies.....
for  a  church   potluck  and  to send
on  the church  bus   that   picks up
children   for   Sunday School.
  I  wanted   to use  a  chocolate chip recipe...
not just your usual one...
but one where one of the ingredients is:
INSTANT  pudding.
Me...being forgetful  person that I am...
forgot the pudding and chocolate chips
while out on that Saturday afternoon.
TechoGuy was home and was headed into town...
so I asked him if  could pick up these 2  items for me...
He said: Ya, sure.
I wrote down the  2 items: chocolate chips and instant vanilla pudding...
I said: make SURE the pudding is INSTANT.
Hours later....
TechoGuy  returns with my items...
I look in the bag and remove them....
Chocolate chips...Check
Pudding....looking carefully at the reads:  COOK and Serve....
WHAT !!!
Running to find TechnoGuy (who is outside)...
I got the wrong kind of pudding...
He says..."well Mom  its the only kind I could find"...
I am now panicking...
cause I have cookies to bake and its 9:30 on a Saturday night! being upset....
now I know most of you never do this....
but I race to my van, jump in and head to the store myself !
(I even forgot my cell phone ).
I get to the store....walk in....
past the long stemmed flowers and potted plants....
looking and stiffing as I go by...
but wait...there is one of my favorite kinds of flowers...
carnations....potted ones...the spicy smelling purple ones...
then thinking to myself....I came to get INSTANT pudding...
so off I go to get that pudding,
then returning to the plants,
I grab up the lovely smelling carnation plant...
Off the the checkout,
then home.
I walk in the house carrying my wonderful new plant.
My nine year old is standing there...
I ask him where his Dad is...
My son then says...are the flowers for Dad....I laugh a little then head off to the kitchen.
You see my dear husband had been a little grumpy earlier... present time:
I now tell my husband that I did buy the flowers for him...
that night I was up until 11:30 baking cookies.
If anyone wants the recipe I will share that later.
Here is a picture of my lovely flowers....
still blooming and smelling very good.

Love to All,
Mommy 2

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sepia Saturday

My  Dad and  Mom
They  may  have  been  engaged

Mommy 2

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Friday

if any of you have children...
know of the interesting
fun things they can do...
Here are a few photos of what 
Cowboy, age 9
has been doing around my house....

Every   horse should be thoroughly tied up...Right?
BTW...this is my chair.
That wood pile that I posted about the other day...
Produced this...a machine gun and a handgun.

And  EVERYONE needs this kind of sprinkler....I certainly must!

He has been building all kinds of bicycle jumps too.
And digging everywhere in the back yard.

But...he loves to pose for pictures.

These were taken on a recent visit to out county courthouse.
He thinks its such pretty place...
that his sister and Lost in Space should get married there...
They said...No.
( Imagine that, Mommy1...ha,ha. )
 Cowboy said...
that I must take a picture of
this nifty badge carving on some pillars, also found in the court house.

Take care
Love to All,
Mommy 2

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am very thankful for my Warm Feelings brand wool blanket from LL Bean. Years ago, I took some windfall money and purchased a wool blanket for every member of the family. This spring, I have been very glad I bought them. Today, as I write, I am wrapped in a yellow one and I am very thankful for its warmth. One of the reasons Sir Dashing and I prefer to live in the Northwest is the freedom from the heat and humidity we grew up with in the South. This year, however, I would have liked to average our temperatures with those of my hometown in Alabama. Anyway, I am thankful for this yellow blanket.

I am very thankful for the ability to read. I am thankful for my Bible. I am often encouraged by the wisdom hidden there. Just think, my Father in Heaven left a letter for me. Though I haven't yet seen Him, he has written through the pens of inspired men, a manual or a map of how to find Him. What an exciting thing to have! The creator of the Universe corresponded with me!

I am also grateful for other books. I particularly love historical accounts of people who have endured great hardship. I have often read accounts of the holocaust. I am so glad that people chose to write about their experiences. Even so, there are those who would rewrite history to claim that this travesty never happened. Thankfully there is written and photographic evidence to remind us what unchecked power is capable of.

I am thankful for hot chocolate. (You knew that was coming!) Seriously, in the last few weeks, we have had some hot cocoa powder that was given to us by a friend. What a comfort when it is chilly and damp to be able have a steaming mocha or hot cocoa. I feel blessed on this blustery day with my yellow blankie, my little daughter snuggled up looking  at a book and a steamy mug of hot cocoa.

I hope, regardless of your weather, you can snuggle up with someone you love today. If you live alone, take time to get to know your maker. He is there waiting for an opportunity to fellowship with you. Welcome Him in.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I bought Shopping this Afternoon

Since we have had somewhat Spring like days...
I went  Shopping.
I decided to buy some tomato plants....
And some Perennials...
And some topsoil....
we have such rocky soil...
But now it looks like rain!
Yikes !!!
While out shopping...
I saw some trellises...
$50, for something pretty simple...
we have this sitting around

Do these  look   like some trellis  wannabe's ?

So....let the Summer projects begin...
I   will  post   that   list another day.
Hope   you   had   a 
Tremendous Tuesday.

Love to All,
Mommy 2
My  irises are  in  full bloom and  up to my  waist!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sepia Saturday

Continuing   with   the  Theme:
My   Mother
This  was  taken  in 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts on the Wedding Preparations...

We are counting down to 
Lost  in  Space  and  Lost  in  a  Dream's
85 days...
It may seem like all summer...
but we have things that need to be done...
For example...
the bridesmaid dresses that they were going to order
are not available...
Lost in a Dream
is going to, and has actually started making them.
She has been taking sewing classes
from a
kind lady from our church.
She has 4 to make,
all the girls live in our area.
Ring bearer pillow to be made.
Veil to be purchased.
We have her bridal gown.
Invitations to be bought.
Cakes to be made.
We are making cupcakes.
Trips to be taken...
to the local stores
and out of town.
Siblings clothing...
to be purchased or made or rented.
I need to find a dress, shoes & some jewelery.
Looking, looking, looking...
Lost in a Dream will be working.
We will have regular activities and summer stuff to do...
I must keep looking at the calendar...
things to keep up on.
   keep us all in your prayers
Take care.
Love to All,
Mommy 2

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Off to Alaska

Yesterday, Mommy2 and Lost In A Dream drove Lost in Space to an airport in another state and deposited him into his adult life. Though he has been independent and hard working his whole life, this time he packed his bag was the last time he would do this as our dependent son. Lost in Space flew to Alaska just as he did last year to fish the sockeye season in Bristol Bay. We are so proud of him and so excited for him. This year though, with no fanfare, when he walked out the door, he walked into the role of a provider, preparing to soon be a husband. It amazes me when the big steps come in our young people's lives that they seem so matter of fact. Lost in Space gave hugs all around and walked out as he has a thousand times before. But this time he won't walk back in in the same way as he has before.

After fishing for 6 to 8 weeks, he will come back to his new rental that he will soon share with Lost in a Dream. He will then be our neighbor. He will have his own lawn to care for, his own utilities to pay and his own precious bride to share life with. From the rental house, the two of them will continue building their home. It is such a blessing to witness them planning their home and their lives. The honeymoon in Ireland, the laughing and hopeful conversations about how many children they will have and what they will accomplish, all take me back to those days in my own life. I know that the paths they are planning to walk may take some unexpected turns, but I also know that through true love and commitment that those unexpected turns can be the most beautiful parts of the journey.

Quietly, without fanfare, our lives changed forever yesterday. My son's life and the life of his future bride changed as well. After one last time of separation, they will be at the finish line for their courtship and at the threshold of their marriage. This time, watching this precious one go, it hurt my heart more for Lost in a Dream than for myself. She has paid the price of commitment, perseverance and dedication. She has been a good friend to Lost in Space as well as to the rest of the family. She has shared his time and attention, by necessity, probably more than she would have liked to, but soon there will be no more sharing. The two of them will belong to each other, forsaking all others. They will know the exhilaration of being a young married couple. What a wonderful thing just over the horizon!

Lost in Space, your parents are proud of you. We are happy for you and excited about your future. We are so happy that you chose Lost in a Dream for your beloved. We look forward to witnessing something beautiful as we attend your wedding. We know it will be a blessing to see you set up a home and begin a family with Lost in a Dream. You have done a good job thus far and we anticipate that you will continue to as you make decisions and plans as a husband.

Lost in a Dream, thank you for loving our son and for loving us. We are proud of you and thankful that our son chose you. Thank you for your purity, industry and gentle spirit. We are excited about having you as our daughter in law and we look forward to getting to know you even better.

There are many seasons in life. It is always an encouragement to see our young people choosing wisely as they enter the springtime of their adult lives. We see beautiful blossoms and know that there  will be sweet fruit as they live their lives together for the glory of God.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sepia Saturday

Here   is  a   picture  of
My   Mother
with  her  parents.

I   think  this  is  when
  my  Mother 
was  in  High  School.

Mommy  2

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantastic Friday Findings

Just    Recently...
My  Parents  moved   from  the   house 
that  they  built
that  I  lived  in  until  I got  married.
They decided  that  house and  the  yard
were  getting  too much 
for  them  to   take  care of.
They   now   live
at  a
Senior  Living  Community.
I    got   the   recent  
from  where   they  are   living.
I   showed  it  to
she  said     that    she   wanted   to   live  there.
(It   is   very  nice)
The   letter  had:
Shiny   paper , color  photos...very   well   done
with   all   kinds  of   neat  stuff...
One  of   the   things  that   I   liked  
was    that   it  had  menu  for  the  month.
You  know  why I  liked  this...
  is  that  I don't  really  like  to
  figure  out  what  to  cook.
  I   guess   we  will  be
eating  from  the "Senior  Menu"
Take  care
Love  to  You  All,
Mommy  2