Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 4th...Traditions

As  I   think   about   July   4th...
I think about the traditions 
that my family had
when I was growing up....

This was way before the Huge Fireworks Displays 
that are prevalent today.
I   recall  going to the fireworks stand...
I  remember wanting to go the day it was set up.
We bought neat things like 
Pop Rocks, black snakes,smoke bombs,
Sparklers and pop bottle rockets.
Roman candles and the shooting fountains
were the highlight back then.
We would also buy Rootbeer and Ice Cream
in preparation for making Rootbeer Floats 
as we watched the Fireworks.
On July 4th...
My brother and I could hardly wait for it to get dark.
We would keep pestering our parents all day long...
when will it be time to invite our neighboors over 
to drink Rootbeer Floats 
and watch all the neat Fireworks that we had purchased.
As it finally got dark enough...
my brother and I would go and tell
all our elderly neighboors that it time to come over.
After each one was settled...
My Dad would proceeded to light each
Roman Candle and Fountain.
We would take the sparklers and light them and write our names.
I loved watching each sparkly Firework.
But...It was done all to soon.

Now with July 4th
only a few days away my children...namely Cowboy
has been wanting to and been to the Fireworks Stand,
and working on getting all the Fire Crackers lit and exploded.
I was the neighboorhood  children's Supervisor
for the Fireworks yesterday...
So it made me think about when I was a child...
thus this post.
What  traditions did you or do  now  for July 4th?

Love to All,
Mommy 2


Grammy Blick said...

Independence Day is one of our famiy's favorite holidays. When my children were small, we were over at Mom and Dad's with sparklers and caps. Their love of the holiday remains more than 40 years later -- and the family has grown. We live in the country, with lots of neighbors who love fireworks, so our church holds a pot-luck dinner and fireworks display. This year it will be after Sunday evening services. We'll have sparklers, black cats and several families will provide some bigger displays. Food, fun, fellowship -- and our extended Christian family.

Anita Johnson said...

Your post brought back such memories! Pop rocks and snakes...I can even remember the smell. And I so remember waiting for it to get dark! We went to fireworks last night on a small lake. Everyone was on their pontoon boats and the reflection of the display in the water was beautiful. I hope the rest of your weekend is as magical.