Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Off to Alaska

Yesterday, Mommy2 and Lost In A Dream drove Lost in Space to an airport in another state and deposited him into his adult life. Though he has been independent and hard working his whole life, this time he packed his bag was the last time he would do this as our dependent son. Lost in Space flew to Alaska just as he did last year to fish the sockeye season in Bristol Bay. We are so proud of him and so excited for him. This year though, with no fanfare, when he walked out the door, he walked into the role of a provider, preparing to soon be a husband. It amazes me when the big steps come in our young people's lives that they seem so matter of fact. Lost in Space gave hugs all around and walked out as he has a thousand times before. But this time he won't walk back in in the same way as he has before.

After fishing for 6 to 8 weeks, he will come back to his new rental that he will soon share with Lost in a Dream. He will then be our neighbor. He will have his own lawn to care for, his own utilities to pay and his own precious bride to share life with. From the rental house, the two of them will continue building their home. It is such a blessing to witness them planning their home and their lives. The honeymoon in Ireland, the laughing and hopeful conversations about how many children they will have and what they will accomplish, all take me back to those days in my own life. I know that the paths they are planning to walk may take some unexpected turns, but I also know that through true love and commitment that those unexpected turns can be the most beautiful parts of the journey.

Quietly, without fanfare, our lives changed forever yesterday. My son's life and the life of his future bride changed as well. After one last time of separation, they will be at the finish line for their courtship and at the threshold of their marriage. This time, watching this precious one go, it hurt my heart more for Lost in a Dream than for myself. She has paid the price of commitment, perseverance and dedication. She has been a good friend to Lost in Space as well as to the rest of the family. She has shared his time and attention, by necessity, probably more than she would have liked to, but soon there will be no more sharing. The two of them will belong to each other, forsaking all others. They will know the exhilaration of being a young married couple. What a wonderful thing just over the horizon!

Lost in Space, your parents are proud of you. We are happy for you and excited about your future. We are so happy that you chose Lost in a Dream for your beloved. We look forward to witnessing something beautiful as we attend your wedding. We know it will be a blessing to see you set up a home and begin a family with Lost in a Dream. You have done a good job thus far and we anticipate that you will continue to as you make decisions and plans as a husband.

Lost in a Dream, thank you for loving our son and for loving us. We are proud of you and thankful that our son chose you. Thank you for your purity, industry and gentle spirit. We are excited about having you as our daughter in law and we look forward to getting to know you even better.

There are many seasons in life. It is always an encouragement to see our young people choosing wisely as they enter the springtime of their adult lives. We see beautiful blossoms and know that there  will be sweet fruit as they live their lives together for the glory of God.


kranberrys said...

Ok I am totally crying now... YOu just have a way with words!

Can't wait to their start of forever...seems so happy and sad all at once...

Anonymous said...

You big baby- Kranberrys j/k I was crying too- a lot.

Mommy 1- I love you too, and you are about as mushy as your son. He gets that from you, right?
This yr I am much more excited and sad to see him leave, knowing, that soon he will be back and I will be Mrs. McGuffey and can hold him forever in my arms and kiss him. I'm real excited about that.
Even though it's going to be hard and scary being married- we can hold each others hands and pray.
Lost in a Dream

Pricilla said...

Oh how wonderful...and how bittersweet.

Grammy Blick said...

Tears, too, for the dreams of tomorrow while walking in sadness today. Yes, their path and plan will adjust and fluctuate, as yours and as ours have. But from my current vantage point, they are looking forward to their first 49 years of blessed marriage. As soon as I can see further, I'll let them know about the next half century!