Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantastic Friday Findings

Just    Recently...
My  Parents  moved   from  the   house 
that  they  built
that  I  lived  in  until  I got  married.
They decided  that  house and  the  yard
were  getting  too much 
for  them  to   take  care of.
They   now   live
at  a
Senior  Living  Community.
I    got   the   recent  
from  where   they  are   living.
I   showed  it  to
she  said     that    she   wanted   to   live  there.
(It   is   very  nice)
The   letter  had:
Shiny   paper , color  photos...very   well   done
with   all   kinds  of   neat  stuff...
One  of   the   things  that   I   liked  
was    that   it  had  menu  for  the  month.
You  know  why I  liked  this...
  is  that  I don't  really  like  to
  figure  out  what  to  cook.
  I   guess   we  will  be
eating  from  the "Senior  Menu"
Take  care
Love  to  You  All,
Mommy  2

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