Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am very thankful for my Warm Feelings brand wool blanket from LL Bean. Years ago, I took some windfall money and purchased a wool blanket for every member of the family. This spring, I have been very glad I bought them. Today, as I write, I am wrapped in a yellow one and I am very thankful for its warmth. One of the reasons Sir Dashing and I prefer to live in the Northwest is the freedom from the heat and humidity we grew up with in the South. This year, however, I would have liked to average our temperatures with those of my hometown in Alabama. Anyway, I am thankful for this yellow blanket.

I am very thankful for the ability to read. I am thankful for my Bible. I am often encouraged by the wisdom hidden there. Just think, my Father in Heaven left a letter for me. Though I haven't yet seen Him, he has written through the pens of inspired men, a manual or a map of how to find Him. What an exciting thing to have! The creator of the Universe corresponded with me!

I am also grateful for other books. I particularly love historical accounts of people who have endured great hardship. I have often read accounts of the holocaust. I am so glad that people chose to write about their experiences. Even so, there are those who would rewrite history to claim that this travesty never happened. Thankfully there is written and photographic evidence to remind us what unchecked power is capable of.

I am thankful for hot chocolate. (You knew that was coming!) Seriously, in the last few weeks, we have had some hot cocoa powder that was given to us by a friend. What a comfort when it is chilly and damp to be able have a steaming mocha or hot cocoa. I feel blessed on this blustery day with my yellow blankie, my little daughter snuggled up looking  at a book and a steamy mug of hot cocoa.

I hope, regardless of your weather, you can snuggle up with someone you love today. If you live alone, take time to get to know your maker. He is there waiting for an opportunity to fellowship with you. Welcome Him in.

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