Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday by Mommy 1


My Son in Law...the Writer

He writes Books...
Mystery   Thriller    Fiction

 You can learn more
about him
and his other Books.
at his website: 
His blog:

Mommy 2

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl !

Today is...
Sweet Little
Have a Happy Birthday...
Sweet Girl !

Love You...
Grandma N
(Mommy 2)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Kidding!

It is about to begin! My dairy goats are about to explode! I have a small herd of dairy goats. They are mixes of LaMancha (earless), Nubian (looooong ears) and Oberhasli (medium ears). We have a variety of ear sizes but most of them are descendents of a wonderful goat I used to have named Esther. She imparted a deep chocolate coat with a cream underbelly to all her offspring. She also passed along her gentle nature and generous lactation.

Daisy, Esther's granddaughter and Opal, Esther's great granddaughter are both due to kid any day now. Daisy, especially is showing all the signs of an imminent birth. So, I sleep on the couch and go out to the kidding pen every few hours all night long. Many of my friends who have never been involved in animal husbandry kindly suffer through my moanings for about 2 week every spring. Those who have ever owned cattle or sheep or goats give me that knowing look that says "Hang in there". There seems to be a consensus that kidding season, or lambing or calving never killed anyone.

As much as I complain, I wouldn't trade kidding for anything in the world. I become an annoyance to my friends. Once the babies are born and the milk starts to flow, I can't talk about anything else. I love those spindly legged little kids. I enjoy watching the family bonds develop and the herd dynamics. Little is more pleasing to me than the sleek coats of my herd in the springtime. I can easily identify with many passages in the Bible that were just words before I became responsible for a herd.

As kidding season progresses, I will try not to ONLY write about goats. It will be difficult, but I will try!
Triplets from last year!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday...

Is the Birthday of 
One of the Dearest People 
to Me...
 My Sweet Mother in Law...
I love her Dearly...
She is like an Older Sister...
I can talk to her about Anything...
Even her son, my husband.
She is the kindest person,
she never has a harsh word.
 This   is   her   with   her   firstborn....my   husband.

Here she is visiting at my house(1983) the year my husband graduated from college.
She was and is always willing to lend a hand.


We love you very much!!!
Mommy 2
and family

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kitchen Thoughts

My kitchen is a wonderful place. Our house is 107 years old. The kitchen was added some time later, but it is still very old. This kitchen is NOT trendy. It is furnished with hand me downs and yard sale finds. It needs to be repainted and the countertops are pink. The dishwasher is the rolling type and the floor is sinking in a couple of places. In spite of its imperfections it is my favorite room.

My children like to hang out in the kitchen. I am so thankful that they do! Our 4X8 foot kitchen table is the place where people do their school work, where games are played, meals are eaten and life is shared. We love sharing meals with other people. It is a rare week that there isn't company at the dinner table. This week we had some friends come over and cook Asian food for us. We had orange beef Panang, cinnamon shrimp, potstickers, spring rolls, and rice. Jer and Susan did most of the cooking while Tim taught our son Speed how to catch grounders.

There is always something going on in my kitchen...

Fresh eggs from our hens.

Wheat grass and kefir smoothie

Jer cuddling the kitchen goat

Sir Dashing's favorite, Southern style
vegetable soup.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Brunch

Lost  In  A  Dream  and  I
and  Mommy 1
went  to a  Birthday  Brunch
at our 
Pastor's  and  Wife's  House.
She  is  a  lovely  lady  and  soo sweet.
We  had  a  great  time.
This  is  my  Chocolate  Coffee  Birthday  Cupcake

We  had  a  Very  fun  time...just  ask  Mommy 1

Mommy 2

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SomeOne is Having a Birthday...Today!

Its Birthday Time Again...
I told you that 
it  was a full month of birthdays.
This is the 3rd 
of many more birthdays
at my house.
Today  is:
Lost  In  A  Dream's 
If  you see her...
wish  her  a 
Happy Day!
Ride Um  Cowgirl !
This  spring  horse  was  my brother and mine 

Here  she  is  taking  a  nap on  the  grass...
She can nap anywhere...

Doesn't she look like Drew Barrymore
when she was young?

Here she  is looking  cute  with  her  
favorite littlest  brother.
and so do alot of other people.

Mommy 2

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Lost in Space

I feel considerably better than I did 20 years ago tonight. As I labored through the night 20 years ago, I wondered anxiously whether I would be able to bring this son into the world. I dreamed of tiny fingers and toes and glossy little eyes. Little did I know that in a moment so brief as to be almost incredible, those little fingers would be on the hands of a grown man.

Never was there a more wanted and prayed for child than Lost in Space. He was an intriguing and animated infant. As a toddler, he became the "little professor". He shocked and delighted folks with his precocious command of the English language and his earnest personality. At 2 and 3, he sang songs into a microphone in front of our entire church.
  L.I.S. was so much fun and grew to be a kind and thoughtful big brother who led his growing clutch of siblings gently and protectively. They, in return, have adored him and from his good example, have loved each other in a way that I rarely see these days, even in Christian families.
  L.I.S. was also very adventurous, crossing turbulent seas, by necessity, alone in an open skiff at the age of 8. He ran a trap line in Alaska from the time he was 8 until we moved to the lower 48 when he was 12.
He became a marksman, a navigator, an explorer and a gentleman.

Interwoven in the fabric of this young man was humor and mischief and an amusing tendency toward absent mindedness (even before he met L.I.A.D.) There have been many times when his dad and I have been astounded that a fellow who was so smart could pull some of the silly stunts that L.I.S. could .
I was in labor, waiting on my first born to arrive and then...I blinked! Now that boy is a man. A man whose family is proud of him. A man who loves his God, his church, his family and his soon to be family. A man who has wisely chosen a virtuous bride and is making plans to bring her home.

Happy birthday L.I.S.! Don't forget to make a wish.

We love you very much.

Mommy 1, On behalf of the rest of the crew

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coupon/Bargain Shopping Saves Money

Today  I  went  shopping...
 I  was  on a  Mission... 
to  get  some  bargains and  save  money...
and  I  DID !!!
See  for  yourself...
I   have  pictures  of  what  I  bought
and  the  money  I  spent...
This is grape juice...lots of it.
20 to be exact.
I  paid  $1.80  for  all of  it.
This  is  deli  meat, each  one  is  9oz.
I   paid  $ 7.15 
for   ALL   10  packages.

These  were  just  a  few  of  the  bargains 
that  I  got  today.
I  sure  had  fun!
If  you are  curious  about  
how  you can save  money...
There are several blogs that I follow 
that are thrifty...
Look to the right 
and you can visit them too.
Ask  me  and  I  might be  able  to  help  you.
Happy  Savings!
Mommy 2

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Signs of Spring (In the Rockies) by Mommy 1

I grew up where the harbingers of spring were daffodils and irises in February. There were blustery days and rain showers, but usually a gradual but determined effort toward warmth and sunshine.
 This was taken April 2009
Here, in the Rocky Mountains, things can be quite different. It seems that spring comes in scoops and lumps, as if a child had served himself at the dessert bar. We never know what early spring will bring. Yesterday was warm and sunny, a perfectly delightful day and today we had snow and rain and gloom. Though the hours of daylight are increasing, the weather we will experience for the next couple of months could be anything from balmy to frigid.
 April 2009
There are some reliable signs of spring in our home, though. The foremost of these is baby animals in the house. Every spring there is a procession of baby chicks, baby goats, tiny guinea fowl and the occasional fawn, fledgling bird and puppy or kitten. They all wind up in my kitchen or laundry room because they need some comfort that our fickle spring weather cannot reliably give.
Thus far, we have but a lone doeling named Calico...Cali for short. Cali joined us from another herd. Since she came without her mother and two brothers, she has no one to cuddle with when it is cold. The rest of our herd, with their babes still snuggled in their bellies see this wee one as a designing intruder and vehemently resist accepting her into their ranks. So, for now, Cali thinks she is a human baby. She takes her bottle in the kitchen, goes outside for potty breaks and sleeps in a hay lined kennel in the laundry room. She has bonded with Speed and Her Highness. They run and cavort in the yard when it is sunny and later the human kids lie beside their imprisoned caprine friend as she rests in her crate.
Mommy 1 Making Cheese
I am so thankful for the bounty that the Lord has given me. The other babies will be coming soon and with them, the return to rich, nutritious milk and cheese. Already our hens are laying more eggs with their bright orange yolks. Soon we will be planting seeds and preparing the garden to receive the little transplants.The hills will turn green and the elk will return to the calving grounds. Our horses will shed their winter coats and begin to gleam in their new summer coats.
For now though, we are inside, by the fire watching Cali dream dreams of spring.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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