Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coupon/Bargain Shopping Saves Money

Today  I  went  shopping...
 I  was  on a  Mission... 
to  get  some  bargains and  save  money...
and  I  DID !!!
See  for  yourself...
I   have  pictures  of  what  I  bought
and  the  money  I  spent...
This is grape juice...lots of it.
20 to be exact.
I  paid  $1.80  for  all of  it.
This  is  deli  meat, each  one  is  9oz.
I   paid  $ 7.15 
for   ALL   10  packages.

These  were  just  a  few  of  the  bargains 
that  I  got  today.
I  sure  had  fun!
If  you are  curious  about  
how  you can save  money...
There are several blogs that I follow 
that are thrifty...
Look to the right 
and you can visit them too.
Ask  me  and  I  might be  able  to  help  you.
Happy  Savings!
Mommy 2

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