Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painfully Gloomy Weather

Remember Yesterday...
I   Do...
It was Spring...
Sunny, Warm...Beautiful.
Today is None of the Above.
And that bike ride 
I went on...
I could NOT do that today...
even if the weather was nice.
When I woke up today
I was a little sore...
but as the day went on,
I could hardly move.
I took one 200mg Ibuprofen,
that usually gets me by.
I have a very high pain threshhold.
That's probably 
how I made it 
through having 8 children.
today I had to take 2 pain tablets,
it took about 45 for the pain to finally leave.
I guess
I won't decide to 
jump on the bike
and go
for  6 mile ride
without first starting on shorter ones.
I think I need a different bike too.
I do not regret the bike ride
and the beautiful weather that I got to enjoy.
Some times I feel like I am 18...
just not today.


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