Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Lost in Space

I feel considerably better than I did 20 years ago tonight. As I labored through the night 20 years ago, I wondered anxiously whether I would be able to bring this son into the world. I dreamed of tiny fingers and toes and glossy little eyes. Little did I know that in a moment so brief as to be almost incredible, those little fingers would be on the hands of a grown man.

Never was there a more wanted and prayed for child than Lost in Space. He was an intriguing and animated infant. As a toddler, he became the "little professor". He shocked and delighted folks with his precocious command of the English language and his earnest personality. At 2 and 3, he sang songs into a microphone in front of our entire church.
  L.I.S. was so much fun and grew to be a kind and thoughtful big brother who led his growing clutch of siblings gently and protectively. They, in return, have adored him and from his good example, have loved each other in a way that I rarely see these days, even in Christian families.
  L.I.S. was also very adventurous, crossing turbulent seas, by necessity, alone in an open skiff at the age of 8. He ran a trap line in Alaska from the time he was 8 until we moved to the lower 48 when he was 12.
He became a marksman, a navigator, an explorer and a gentleman.

Interwoven in the fabric of this young man was humor and mischief and an amusing tendency toward absent mindedness (even before he met L.I.A.D.) There have been many times when his dad and I have been astounded that a fellow who was so smart could pull some of the silly stunts that L.I.S. could .
I was in labor, waiting on my first born to arrive and then...I blinked! Now that boy is a man. A man whose family is proud of him. A man who loves his God, his church, his family and his soon to be family. A man who has wisely chosen a virtuous bride and is making plans to bring her home.

Happy birthday L.I.S.! Don't forget to make a wish.

We love you very much.

Mommy 1, On behalf of the rest of the crew


kranberrys said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to call you "brother" =) Just a few short months! Welcome to the crazies =)

Pricilla said...

He is indeed, one of the kindest, most polite young men I have met.

Happy Birthday!
From an old goat.