Saturday, February 27, 2010

Somebody has a birthday!

I don't know if you have figured it out yet, but Mommy 2 is a remarkable person. It has been inspiring to me to witness the way she lives her life. In case some of you might not have experienced it, rearing 8 children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, is no easy task. It leaves its marks on a mommy.

The marks I see on Mommy 2 are these. I see humility. Even when she knows through experience and wisdom that she is right, she doesn't demand her way. Trusting the Holy Spirit to work His way in the hearts of those she shepherds. I also see gentleness. I know from my own faulty parenting that there must be times when she would just enjoy throwing a big fit, while trying to guide the young souls entrusted to her care. Yes, I know occasionally she vents a little, after all she is human. Overall, however, I see her gently guiding, praying, seeking God's help and trusting His plan for her children's lives.

I see silver hair, and laugh lines and a walk that is a little slower than it was when she was a bride. She is willing to slow down, kneel down and get to the level of those she ministers to, whether it is the little children in her Sunday School class or the elderly in the nursing home. I see  people in the nursing homes in our area who live to see Mommy 2 and her family show up on Saturdays and Sundays. Mommy 2's love for these people is contagious and her children share in this ministry with her. (Of Course their father leads this effort and is a huge blessing as he sings, plays his guitar, preaches and loves these lonely ones). Because of her willingness to walk this walk, I see straight arrows entering this world and making their mark for the cause of Christ. I see little blonde , brunette and redheaded kitchen helpers and garden helpers with their own spark and fire. My prayer is this, that these precious little ones will also some day be a little slower, with silver hair and their own harvests born of the investment of their love, their time and their lives in other people.

Happy birthday, Mommy 2. Love ya!

Mommy 1

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I Did Today...I Made These...

16  little  loaves of  Bread...
I used my roll recipe...
I think they are cute...
they lasted for ONE meal !
(At least they didn't raise and then fall, 
like my big loaves do.)
nothing lasts very long around here.
Grandma's Little Helper.

Here we are at the table...
before Supper...
guarding the bread, in the pretty basket.
I hope you had a Terrific Thursday.
Mommy 2

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Busy, Tired Weekend

So...Where do I begin...
On Friday 
Lost in A Dream and I
drove 2 and 1/2 hours one way
so she could see
Lost in Space.
He has been working at a job
so they haven't gotten to see each other very much.
off we went
to here...
They went snowboarding.
And I sat in the very huge Lodge.
I was not bored...
there is alot of activity in the Lodge.
Just like every place else they had TV's.
Now...I have a TV at my house,
but I do not have cable...
So on this day the channel was set on  ESPN.
It was the day Tiger Woods decided to say sorry.
 It was a 13 minute spot.
But ESPN kept running it over and over.
It was crazy.
I was soooo glad when someone changed the channel.
I had plans on what I was going to do while
the kids did their boarding....
Get out the laptop....
work on the Blog, surf some sites...
There was no Wifi !
Actually, it was not a good signal.
PLAN  B...
 I had a book to read and some snacks and water.
I read for awhile and observed  families...
made me think of my children
when they were much younger.
I met a new "Blogger Friend"
Transparent Mama
(she is on my Blog List, to the right)
while sitting in the Lodge.

Then it was almost time for the Olympics to come on....

The kids took a break to warm up and watch the Olympics for awhile
Then they went back boarding.
I watched more Olympics...
people where I was sitting watched...
They cheered if people did well
and were sorry if someone failed.
Later on...
The kids and I
went and got some food...

 enough pictures"...
(They actually said that to me...)
 They will like it that I had my nice little camera
in my purse.
That is why I am sooo tired.
 now I have had some rest
and some
Green Energy Tea.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Mommy 2

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coupons, Coupons Everywhere

If you have noticed list of Blogs
My Blog List
they are mainly about couponing.
Well...that is because I am very into 
couponing, bargins and saving money.
This is what I am talking about....Coupon Mania
Yes...these are my coupons.
We have a great store, where I live that
will give you double value for your coupons.
So that makes it even better to
do coupon shopping.
I get my coupons from various places...
the newspaper,internet and friends.
My Friends and Family know
 that I am "Coupon Crazy"
In fact my Mom calls me every week
about her coupons from the newspaper she gets.
We spend the time mostly going thru what she has.
Then she mails me the coupons that I want.
(Thanks, Mom) 
So look at 
 My Blog List
(to the right of this post)
for couponing sites
 that I go to at least once a day.


Mommy 1
will soon list the blogs that she follows

Have a Thrifty Thursday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Early Morning Breakfast

Lost in Space and Lost in a Dream's
Special Breakfast
Wordless Wonderful Wednesday

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Piano Lessons

Its  Piano lesson day today...
so we are off to "town".
We are picking up "Lost in a Dream" at 12:30
from her sewing class(which she loves)
that a lady in our church is so graciously giving her.
The lady lives just down the road from us.
We are dropping off Lost in a Dream at work.
Then we will run some errands,
then piano starting at 2pm.
I will probably not be home until 5:30,
Because we are picking up
the Coppertops and their baby brother.
They will coming over for the evening...
minus their parents.
We will have fun!
I will try to post some pictures of their visit
and maybe a piano view or two.
Take care...

and have a Tremendous Tuesday!

Mommy 2

Monday, February 15, 2010

What about Cell Phones?

So recently we had a discussion
with some of my teen children's friends
about cell phones.
Here are some of the things
we talked about:
At what age should a person
be allowed by their parents
to have a  full  working cell phone?
Now...I personally have some thoughts on this,
which I will share...
Its seems you "see" children as young as 8, with a cell phone.
I guess I could not picture Cowboy, age 8
with his own personal phone.
Its every child's dream to have one,
but really....8 ???
I know they can "run" the phone,
because its actually a mini computer.
there is a responsibility on someone
a young child has NO idea what that is about.
I manage our cell phone account....
trying to keep down the costs.
The only Perk we have on our plan is texting.
No data, no internet, downloads that cost.
I guess I'm anti cell phones for children under 16,
then they must be able to pay "their fare share". 
my teen's friends said
they had their first cell phone at 13.
They do go to a public school, so for them it was needed.
We homeschool our children,
so it is a little different for us...
Currently...I have two teens with cell phones.
My husband  and I have and  use a cell phone..
for phone calls, photos,and yes, texting,
though not 24/7.
Each night before I go to sleep, I  turn my phone off.
We still have a "landline", 
so in case of an emergency, people can still get a hold of us.
All in all I think cell phones are beneficial  for most,
just not young children.

I didn't even go into cell phone etiquette...
that will have to be another post (rant).


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to those born on Valentines Day

Its Birthday Time...Again...
When you have 8 children and 6 Grandchildren
there are alot of Birthdays...
seems we have a Birthday or Anniversary every month,
sometimes several in one month.
Tomorrow...Valentines Day...
We celebrate 2 Birthdays...
My man, Dad of the children, aka Mr. Mower  Man
will be having a birthday.
Mr. Happy Boy will celebrate his first Birthday.
Happy Birthday 
to 2 of the special men in my life !
Love you bunches,


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day is Coming Up...Soon

If you like to make things...
Like I do...
My Mom started us making things a long time ago,
She is very Crafty...
We had Birthday Parties where we made things...
So...You might like this idea. 

You are a”Maze”ing Valentine
If you are looking for a Thrifty Valentines idea,
 then here is a cute idea.
All you need is a plastic bag, scrapbook paper, candy and a sewing machine.
What a fun idea….
Check out for the full post.
And more fun things to make.

P.S. I tried to post a picture in...
but it didn't work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Fun In February

Snow has been in the news lately....
Snow, snow everywhere. 
All of my family enjoys the snow...
like my husband and I enjoy it,
  means work, work = money, money = food and bills being paid.
my children  
and grandchildren love playing in the snow.
So here are a few fun in the snow pictures for you to enjoy.
Chubbers eating Snow.
This is what he told me...
 I love eating snow,
its delicious and a very good snack."
Cowboy snowboarding.
He bought it at the Thrift Store with his own money.
This boy loves the Snow!
Lost in Space and Lost in a Dream
taking a break from


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to You !!!

Happy Birthday to Business Woman!
February 6
I love You!

Here is another picture of around  age 8
when she started her business career...
with her apple stand.

We celebrate several birthdays...
in the month of February.

February 7 
is my Dad's Birthday...
Have a Very Happy Birthday Dad!!!
I love You!

My Dad age 20

Have a Wonderful Wednesday !!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fabulous February is Here

Its  hard  to believe that  its  February...
I heard that the "official" Ground Hog saw his shadow today...
So... there is suppose to be six more weeks of winter...
Well... where I live, there is ALWAYS six more weeks...
we don't see or feel  spring until May.
It has snowed, so far the first two days of  February.
So...that is why I posted pictures of snow.
Have a Fabulous February...on a Terrific Tuesday!!!

February 3
This came today:
I guess its time to order seeds...