Monday, February 15, 2010

What about Cell Phones?

So recently we had a discussion
with some of my teen children's friends
about cell phones.
Here are some of the things
we talked about:
At what age should a person
be allowed by their parents
to have a  full  working cell phone?
Now...I personally have some thoughts on this,
which I will share...
Its seems you "see" children as young as 8, with a cell phone.
I guess I could not picture Cowboy, age 8
with his own personal phone.
Its every child's dream to have one,
but really....8 ???
I know they can "run" the phone,
because its actually a mini computer.
there is a responsibility on someone
a young child has NO idea what that is about.
I manage our cell phone account....
trying to keep down the costs.
The only Perk we have on our plan is texting.
No data, no internet, downloads that cost.
I guess I'm anti cell phones for children under 16,
then they must be able to pay "their fare share". 
my teen's friends said
they had their first cell phone at 13.
They do go to a public school, so for them it was needed.
We homeschool our children,
so it is a little different for us...
Currently...I have two teens with cell phones.
My husband  and I have and  use a cell phone..
for phone calls, photos,and yes, texting,
though not 24/7.
Each night before I go to sleep, I  turn my phone off.
We still have a "landline", 
so in case of an emergency, people can still get a hold of us.
All in all I think cell phones are beneficial  for most,
just not young children.

I didn't even go into cell phone etiquette...
that will have to be another post (rant).



Betsy said...

Well, I agree that 8 is very young. I do know some families that do that...latch key kids that walk home from school alone, etc.
Taylor, our oldest got his first one for his 13th birthday. It was great for him to call home with things like "hey basketball practice is done early, can you up pick me up now", etc, etc.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Thanks for your comment Betsy.
I guess responsibility is the key word...some grownups have a hard time keeping track of their cell phone...