Saturday, February 27, 2010

Somebody has a birthday!

I don't know if you have figured it out yet, but Mommy 2 is a remarkable person. It has been inspiring to me to witness the way she lives her life. In case some of you might not have experienced it, rearing 8 children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, is no easy task. It leaves its marks on a mommy.

The marks I see on Mommy 2 are these. I see humility. Even when she knows through experience and wisdom that she is right, she doesn't demand her way. Trusting the Holy Spirit to work His way in the hearts of those she shepherds. I also see gentleness. I know from my own faulty parenting that there must be times when she would just enjoy throwing a big fit, while trying to guide the young souls entrusted to her care. Yes, I know occasionally she vents a little, after all she is human. Overall, however, I see her gently guiding, praying, seeking God's help and trusting His plan for her children's lives.

I see silver hair, and laugh lines and a walk that is a little slower than it was when she was a bride. She is willing to slow down, kneel down and get to the level of those she ministers to, whether it is the little children in her Sunday School class or the elderly in the nursing home. I see  people in the nursing homes in our area who live to see Mommy 2 and her family show up on Saturdays and Sundays. Mommy 2's love for these people is contagious and her children share in this ministry with her. (Of Course their father leads this effort and is a huge blessing as he sings, plays his guitar, preaches and loves these lonely ones). Because of her willingness to walk this walk, I see straight arrows entering this world and making their mark for the cause of Christ. I see little blonde , brunette and redheaded kitchen helpers and garden helpers with their own spark and fire. My prayer is this, that these precious little ones will also some day be a little slower, with silver hair and their own harvests born of the investment of their love, their time and their lives in other people.

Happy birthday, Mommy 2. Love ya!

Mommy 1


Pricilla said...

What a beautiful tribute.
Happy Birthday.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey Mommy 1...
What a nice surprise....Thank You!
I love and appreciate you very much!
Thanks you for your listening ear and for praying for us.
Love ya,
Mommy 2
P.S. You are alot of fun too!

kranberrys said...

Aww...she really was a beautiful baby and still is!

PS- Picture number two is actually a life-size doll and NOT mommy =)