Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coupons, Coupons Everywhere

If you have noticed list of Blogs
My Blog List
they are mainly about couponing.
Well...that is because I am very into 
couponing, bargins and saving money.
This is what I am talking about....Coupon Mania
Yes...these are my coupons.
We have a great store, where I live that
will give you double value for your coupons.
So that makes it even better to
do coupon shopping.
I get my coupons from various places...
the newspaper,internet and friends.
My Friends and Family know
 that I am "Coupon Crazy"
In fact my Mom calls me every week
about her coupons from the newspaper she gets.
We spend the time mostly going thru what she has.
Then she mails me the coupons that I want.
(Thanks, Mom) 
So look at 
 My Blog List
(to the right of this post)
for couponing sites
 that I go to at least once a day.


Mommy 1
will soon list the blogs that she follows

Have a Thrifty Thursday!


kranberrys said...

NO FAIR! I want grandma time too! =)

Transparent Mama said...

Hi new friend. I love your blog. The header looks great and you already have a nav bar up and running. Love the coupon ideas. With all these boys, I need all the help I can get.