Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Friday

if any of you have children...
know of the interesting
fun things they can do...
Here are a few photos of what 
Cowboy, age 9
has been doing around my house....

Every   horse should be thoroughly tied up...Right?
BTW...this is my chair.
That wood pile that I posted about the other day...
Produced this...a machine gun and a handgun.

And  EVERYONE needs this kind of sprinkler....I certainly must!

He has been building all kinds of bicycle jumps too.
And digging everywhere in the back yard.

But...he loves to pose for pictures.

These were taken on a recent visit to out county courthouse.
He thinks its such pretty place...
that his sister and Lost in Space should get married there...
They said...No.
( Imagine that, Mommy1...ha,ha. )
 Cowboy said...
that I must take a picture of
this nifty badge carving on some pillars, also found in the court house.

Take care
Love to All,
Mommy 2


DarcyLee said...

It's amazing how creative kids can be, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

Anita Johnson said...

I love that about boys...I think they are so creative. Thank you for your comment on my wedding photos. These were a gift to the young couple...real professionals are just so expensive here in the midwest. I appreciate a real professionals skills, but the cost seems way out of line to me. Definetly bring your own camera...I did for my son's wedding and I love the idea of giving out cards...what great planning you have done!

Anonymous said...

Such fun summer creative. Thank you for sharing. Simple blessings for your weekend! Teri