Friday, November 13, 2009

Mommy 1 Intro

I have come into blogland kicking and screaming. Mommy 2 has always wanted to do this and finally I decided to play. Here goes. I am Mommy 1, mother of 8 in descending order of age. Big Army Man 26, Lanky guy, 23, Another son, Lost-in-space,19, 16 year old son, Mr. Peabody, 15 year old son, Mr. Inquisitive, 14 year old daughter, Shineylocks, 8 year old son, Speed and 5 year old daughter, Her Highness.

I am married to Sir Dashing, the handsome patriarch of this clan. Together, from the Rocky Mountains, we are guiding the 6 youngest of the clan into their "Big" lives while watching from a distance as Big Army Man and Lanky guy and their beautiful wives produce the cutest grandchildren ever born.

Stick around and when I get over this performance anxiety, I will write more of the exciting escapades of the McFamily.

P.S. Lost-in-space has recently given an engagement ring to Mommy 2's number 4 daughter, Lost-in-a-dream!

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