Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ramblings from Mommy2 one of the differences between Mommy1 and I is...that I enjoy shopping...when I have money, she would rather send someone else to the store. I especially enjoy "finding" a good "bargin", so I shop. Yesterday Mommy1 needed a few items at the to me it doesn't matter what store, I AM "looking" for a bargain. I went with Mommy1 to Walgreens(her favorite store,for real) to get a few items. She is "into" shopping for makeup,which she wears well. I on the other hand can't really stand to wear makeup...though I do like jewelery and shopping for it. Anyway...we "bargin shopped" at Walgreens and got a few "free" items too, really. Now that is nice, real nice! Oh...BTW...I didn't get to go on Black Friday shopping,my choice, for several reasons. But, I am game to go just for the fun of it with the right company, so maybe next year...
P.S. the photo of the Walgreens truck is to let you know that the trucks are on the road, bringing you all the bargins that you have been waiting to buy... especially for Mommy1 and my Mom(her favorite store).

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Anonymous said...

I found my "draft" somewhere on the blog...I don't know for sure. But I AM very glad that I don't have to remember what I wrote!
So anyway you can delete this after you read it. Thanks
Love ya,