Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday...Marvelous Meadow Magic

I am telling you about one of the projects of
( use to share this blog with me) 
She has been a busy lady.
Her name is Lawana...
she is a pretty amazing woman.
She has alot of knowledge about 
herbal remedies.
She has her own cottage industry...
Its called 
 Meadow Magic
 she gets some  of her herbs
from her land 
 mixes them up in her kitchen
 where she lives
in rural Montana.
 The main ingredient
 in alot of her products is Olive Oil.
I personally use and love what she makes.
These are some of what she makes.
 This is Lawana...
"superwoman herbalist" 
(those are my words for her)
Here is her website
 for you to go and see for your self what she has to offer.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Nancy, Thank you for blogging about Meadow Magic! It makes me so happy that you use MM and that you really like it. That is what makes me content being a kitchen table herbalist : )

Love you!
P.S. You should have put a real picture of me on here, not that photo shopped thing to make me look old ; )

Sunny Jane said...

I used the flannel rub when I was sick a few weeks ago! Karen let me borrow it:)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sounds like a woman I would like to get to know. I love herbs. Wish I could grow them like she does.
Hope all is well with you and glad you shared Lawana with us