Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomorrow....Drawing for the Giveaway....Sign Up Now!

I will be drawing for the GIVEAWAY....
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Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
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Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Hi Nancy. Happy birthday to you too! I'm guessing we're of similar vintage. I turned 53. My husband and I will both be the same age till his birthday in May.
We have buds on trees here, the grass is just beginning to turn green. I'm seeing tulips poke through the ground and the bird sounds in the cottonwoods are exquisite! Welcome, welcome to spring.
Ice fishing is done for the year. A friend of a friend was recently at Bynum Reservoir, where we like to go, and he said it was too wet to even get to the ice.
We still can't plant a garden till early June, but there are plenty of other things to enjoy!
I'm willing to bet your husband will be very busy soon.
Blessings from across the Divide to you...........Denise