Monday, March 12, 2012

Marvelous Monday Mini Makeovers

I am constantly looking for ideas for "sprucing up" things in my house.
This being said:
 Here are 
2 items in my house
 that I have done 
Mini  Makeovers on:

The  1st  is  a  chair...
I collect chairs...
after all  
when people come over...
they have to have a place to sit.

 Above   is  the   before   Picture
Here  is  the  After  picture
I  think  I  paid  $10  for  chair...
 $ 5 for the fabric

# 2
Cardboard Box.  did  read  that  correctly...
Here  is  what  it  looked  like  before:
Here  is  the  After:
Yes,  I  had  Fabric  left  over  from  the chair
to use on the box.
I  only  covered  one  end  of  the  box,
and   about  3 inches  on  each  side.
I  used  some   craft  glue  to  stick  it  down.

I   love  doing  simple  but  nice  looking  things...
especially  if   they  don't  cost  must  to do.
What    do you  like  to  do  to beautify  your home?
Take care...until next time,


Ronida said...

Very nice ideas!

Rena said...

Cute ideas. I love your chair!

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Thanks 8~)
Rena...would you have done the chair in blue?
I have another chair that I need to get done...I think it is going to be blue.