Monday, November 8, 2010

My 8 Blessings

Here  are  my  children.
I  have told  them  that 
when  they  are  all   together  in  one  place,
that  I  WILL  be  taking their   picture... together.
They  were  all  at  my  house on  Sunday...
this  is  the  picture of  my  Crew.
My oldest is almost 29...
My  youngest  is  9.
Children...they grow  up  too fast.
I  can  remember   each one
as  if  they  were  my  baby  yesterday.
Of  my children  I have 3 married,
one to be married in the spring,
6 grandchildren.
My family is shrinking,
yet growing...
And  life  goes  on.

This is my Bible verse for them:
3 John 4
I  have  no  greater  joy 
than  to  hear  that  my  children  walk  in  truth.

Love  you  all,
Mommy 2

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