Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello! I am kinda hacking my Mom's blog . . . ok,
well it doesn't really count as hacking, I asked her,
and she said yes! But does that still count as a hack?
Anywho . . . I should probably tell you who I am first.
My name is : KayleeBeth, I just turned 13 two weeks ago, and this is me -->
That is just me being hyper :) and I am hyper pretty much ALL of the time!
Anywho. . . I kinda lost my train of thought . . . Yea um . . . ok I was talking about being hyper..... hacking....
Well anyway....  My Mom has another blog... a photography blog  click here to see it, but you should comment  and tell her to post more on it :) Cause she is really good but she just never posts :-(
And another thing you should do is watch Julian Smith click here to see some of his videos . . . He is super funny :) And he has a lot of energy (kinda like me) Anyway another thing I need to tell you is that My Mom and Dad's anniversary is next month on the 6th :) so I will probably hack (or not) in again to do a post on that too :)

So I hope this didn't bore you to death but this is the end of my lil' tiny post :)

Ta Ta for now,

KB - (KayleeBeth)

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