Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where We Have Been....

Its   Now  Summer   Here...
  that  now the weather is warm and getting warmer,
We that live in the Rocky Mountains,
think its vacation time...
So I guess we have had a "vacation from the blog" too.
there just hasn't been the time.
My family rarely takes time away from home.
Though my husband decided  on Sunday July 18
that we were going to travel (meaning in the car)
2 states away to see ill and aging parents.
So our trip began on Friday evening from our home,
we traveled about 6 hours away, then slept for the night.
Started the next morning and reached our parents city at 11:30pm.
We stayed 2 days , travel back, 2 days...
getting in at 1am this morning.
So I am tired.
I will be headed(in another direction) to visit my oldest daughter on Saturday,
I am taking my 4 youngest children.
We will stay one week at her house then return home.
In the meantime...
the count down for the wedding is 36 days...
So all the last minute things to be done.
Family and friends that will be here for the wedding.
So thats where I have been.
Take care,
Mommy 2
P.S. While on "my vacation",
I dropped my digital camera... it is no longer working.
So...I guess I will  be writing more on the blog.

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