Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News Flash...

Sorry there hasn't been new posts lately...
I think Mommy1 and I have recovered
are adjusting
 to our children being married.
We love it that they are married...
no more chaperoning for us.
(though I do miss the dinner & movies they took me too)
But ...
I miss my daughter...
my husband even said as much the other day.
We don't get to see her everyday...we can still text or call
(she lives an hour away now)
there is a room at my house being filled with other things...
things that no longer belong to my daughter
We are Happy for her,
But sad for us.
Take care.
Much love,
Mommy 2
 I will post pictures soon of my daughter and new son in laws home.
It is called the cabin.

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