Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review...THE VOW

In my last post I talked about reading a "good book"...
I just finished one.
Its called
"The Vow"
by Kim & Krickett Carpenter
I had not heard of their story...
until my daughter was telling me about
the movie(soon to be in theaters)
I like to read...
I really like a story that is true.
I got the book from the library...
I read it in a afternoon and evening.
Yep...could not put the book down.
Its happy, its sad...
its a miracle from God
that Krickett survived the car accident that her and her husband were in.
I looked them up....
there is a recent  video about them on U tube:
click here to see it.
Let me know if you have read the book
if you have heard about the Carpenters.
Take care,
Mommy 2

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Chasity Simmons said...

I plan to read that book1 When the stack of nine other books from the library disappear somehow . . . :)