Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sepia Saturday

So  far...
I  have  been  showing  you  pictures  of 
My  Mother's  side  of  the  Family.
I  will  continue  with  this  theme.
This  is  my  Mother  at  age  9  or  10.
When  I  first  saw this  photo
  of  my  Mother 
at  my  Grandmothers House,
I  ask  my Grandma
where  she  had  gotten  this  picture  of  me.
She  told  me  it  was  my  Mother,
boy  did  that  surprise  me.

Look  and  see 
if  you  see  any  similarities
in   this  photo.  

This   is   me   at  age 10.

Love to All,
Mommy 2


Anita Johnson said...

What a great idea to have both of you blogging at once. It may take me a bit to figure out who is who! I have always dreamed of having a horse and love the area you live in. The Rockies are beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog too. I love getting to meet such fun people!

Barbara said...

Actually, Nancy, Ryan looks more like your Mom in the photo of her at 10 yrs. old. JMO