Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankfully it is Thursday!

Today is a particularly thankful Thursday for me. Sir Dashing comes home from a week long walkabout. He, after driving his mom to Alabama where she is relocating, stayed a week to visit with Big Army Man and Lanky Guy and their precious children. He has had a week of being "Paw Paw" to the sweetest grandchildren on Earth (I know Mommy 2 will disagree.) Today, though, he is coming back to be our knight in shining armor. The children are getting excited, talking about a welcome home menu and the little ones are drawing pictures and writing letters. So, to top my list today, I am thankful that I have a living, flesh and blood husband on this Earth. I look forward to being in the same zip code with him.
Sir Dashing, Lanky Guy and the Cutenesses!

I am thankful for a warmer morning today. Like Mommy 2 we are out of wood and the house has been cold lately. Today dawned bright and clear and already we are warmer than we got yesterday. I thank God for seasons. I thank Him for the rain and also for the beautiful sunny days. I am thankful for shade trees in summer, for a steep roof when heavy snows come and for a view that makes my heart soar any time of the year!
Looking East from my kitchen,
Buckwheat, the daddy goat, Cutie the Paint and Brie
the cremello

I am thankful for cheese making! It is like magic to me to see my own fresh goat's milk through the wonder of culture and acidification turn into fresh curds and whey, then gradually shedding moisture and growing flavor to become fresh cheese, or feta in brine and sometimes pressed into rounds and put to age in my cheese fridge. (The results of my aged cheeses are still unknown, but ask me again in two months.) I am thankful for the ability to save the nutrition from milk that is so abundant in spring and summer to use later in the year. It makes me happy to know that this winter when milk is scarce, if God blesses my efforts, my family will have cheese.

I suppose I am thankful for goats a lot! Every day I feel so blessed to have these gentle little creatures who can turn weeds into milk. They are family pets and sweet natured companions. As the "poor man's cow" they provide for our family in a sustainable and affordable way. I could probably buy milk at the store a little cheaper than I can keep goats, but the cooler in the market is not as cute and friendly as our goats. It also won't climb on your car!
Opal and Corduroy (the baby)

Once again, I am thankful for this blog and Mommy 2 who encouraged me to get here and sweetly encourages me to keep writing. I am thankful for you, dear reader, because you give your valuable time to read what I write. Oh and where did my children hide those chocolate chips?

God bless you today!

Mommy 1


Sharon said...

I've heard that goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk. I've been thinking about buying some and trying it because I have had to quit drinking cow's milk due to acid reflux. My dairy intake has to stay low or the reflux acts up and I start a coughing fit. I use Almond Milk in my cereals, but it doesn't taste good just to drink it. BLEH! How does goat's milk taste in comparison to cow's milk?

Barbara said...

Great photos today, thanks and those goats are so cute, hugs Barbara

Grammy Blick said...

Could you do a whole blog on goats sometime? How many do you have, what breed? Male/female ratio? So many questions. We have low-line angus cows, but want to clear the brush in a wooded pasture and know that goats can do an excellent job of that over time -- saving us a bunch of work and providing us with a great deal of pleasure, too.