Friday, February 10, 2012

My List of 15 or so....

I know I have been MIA....
So here is my list of reasons excuses
for being gone for sooooo long.
1)  I have been sick for 2 weeks(and yes, it seemed like forever).
I guess thats basically it.
I love reading lists on other people blogs...
So here are a few things about me....
1)My favorite color is purple....but I don't have to have "everything" purple(just most things)
2) My oldest child turned 30 last week,I can't be old enough to have a child this age...
3) My youngest with be 11 this year
4) Been in Montana since 1987
5) Love my all wheel Mini Van
6) I am content to stay at home(most days)
7) Love to get a "good deal"
8) Clip Mom even calls me weekly to "do" coupons. 8~)
9) I rarely "cook"....but  I can fry some "mean" chicken
10) Love to do "crafty" things (this was passed on to me from my Mom)
11) Live in a VERY old house...which can be frustrating
12) Have at least 10 SCENTSY warmers in my house(most are being used)
13)  ♥Love♥ teaching my 4&5 year old Sunday School Class
14) My husband and a grandson were born on February 14
15) Will eat spaghettie noodles only with Parmesan Cheese (my Mom let me)
16)I  Drink at least  4 cups of my Lemon green energy tea in my "special" mug each day.
17) I have a "basic" cell phone....but texting with it more than talk
18) Do the plan....most days(you may want to also)
19) I have no sisters of my own...but have many "sisters" in the Lord.
20) I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my ♥heart♥

Ok.....enough...for today
(just trying to make up for NOT posting)
Now...its your turn to tell me about you.
Take care,
Mommy 2


Anonymous said...

Mom!! i am soooooooo glad that you are better :)

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see you posting. I knew most of what you posted, but 10 Scentsy warmers?!?!?!!? I knew you had a few, but you will have to show them all to me next time.

I look forward to your next post.

Love you!


*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I will think up some "real creative" things about me next time...but you know alot about me...probably more than I know myself. LOL
Love ya,

lori said...

I'm trying to think of what surprised me's a toss up between these three:

* rarely cooking (what?! how did your family eat?)

* having 10 Scentsy warmers (do they each have a separate scent, so that every corner of the house smells different? ha ha)

* eating noodles ONLY with parm cheese

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I will "try" to answer your questions...
Rarely cooking means...
Breakfast...I do not cook a Big breakfast...we either do cereal or somoeone other than me fixes it(my Mom never fixed breakfast)
Lunch....soup or sanwich (which can be fixed by anyone)
Supper...I usually fix a meal for that.
Its a LONG & never ending story about fixing food at my house. 8~)
SCENTSY you know I have a HUGE house...this is where the warmers are & what scent is going. My Office: Heart shaped warmer, Black Ruby. Living Room:Victoria warmer, Black Ruby. Main Bath Room: Weave-Green Plug In, Sunkissed Citrus. My Bed Room: Cosmos(purple)Warmer, French Lavender & Flower shop(mixed). Kirk's Room,sunkissed citrus. Kitchen: Wonky(blue)plug in. KayleeBeth's Room: Zebra warmer & ? scent. Up Stairs bathoom: Plug in & ?. 3 Seasonal warmers not currently being used.
What can I say about the spaghetti...I never order it at a resturant.LOL
Thanks for your comments...I enjoy reading your blog. 8~)