Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Made Bread

Ok...So, my family loves bread...
they eat  TONS of  it.
I personally, can take it or leave it...
they must have it with every meal.
If I lived by myself...
I would rarely bake or buy it.
To keep my family happy,
I do buy bread(when I remember to),
to make them really happy,
I make bread...
with a little help from
my 3 Oster Breadmakers.
Yes... You did read that correctly.
With my large family
I cannot just make one loaf of  bread
at a time.
With all that said:
I have a small problem...

These sad looking loaves...
They are good tasting, but are not pretty.
I have tried using less yeast.
I have tried not moving (much)
around the house during the last raising.
For now...
I will bake bread...
just not pretty bread.


Jesus is the Bread of Life
John 6:35


Betsy said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did!

Love bread...I've made sad looking loaves like this....haha...just so it tastes good, huh! :)

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

To Betsy...
Guess what...
I don't remember How I found your Blog...
but you have inspired me to want to make my own blog (with my friend).
You have a really nice blog & I have enjoyed going there.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Signed: Mommy2
P.S. For anyone else reading this...
look on My Blog List to read Betsy's Blog:
My Five Men