Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been idling lately. A week ago I had a surgical repair for a couple of abdominal hernias and have needed to take it easy. It is crazy how things make you crazy when you can't do anything about them. I am NOT a spotless house keeper. Whole populations of dust bunnies originated in my home. White socks have about a 30 minute shelf life and we have been tempted to film National Geographic documentaries in our basement. However, when I have to lie around, with lifting restrictions and pain, I get a little bit crazy.

The stains on the carpet have become audible hecklers, screaming at me even while I try to sleep. The cobwebs have grown to gargantuan size, dwarfing the furniture in the room. The books in the bookshelves are jostling and threatening to leap from the shelves. There is an absolute cacophony of blaring disorderlinesses. What do I do about it? I snuggle up under my wool blankie and try not to notice!

Seriously, It is during times like this that I thank God for my friends and family. I have had friends come over to visit, friends have brought meals. I have received cards, e-mails and phone calls. My children have cooked, cleaned and encouraged. I've been able to idle...and heal.

Thank you Lord for loving me through the hands and hearts of the people around me.

Mommy 1

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