Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Mommy 2 and I are opposites when it comes to cooking. She wants a delicious result that she can count on. She makes a number of dishes that my family rave over. I think if Mommy2 could just wave a wand and have healthy delicious food on the table, she would. I on the other hand enjoy the process as much as the result. I don't have many tried and true recipes as most of the things I cook are more akin to science experiments. Seriously, I like to cook by the dump and throw method. I see what my limitations are and then decide to make something out of it. I almost never find a recipe and then shop for the ingredients.

Unlike Mommy2, I rarely use coupons either. If I do use them it is because Mommy2 (a) found them for me
(b) took me to the store and (c) helped me check out! I love doing things with Mommy 2, but left to myself, I will just dig around and try to figure out a way to make a meal out of venison, 3 potatoes, 1 tomato, one clove of garlic and stale bread! I seriously do my meal planning that way.

While I have been recovering from surgery, people have fed my family. WOW  have we been well fed. In 9 days, we have had pizza, soup, chicken casserole, tacos and all the fixings, curried chevon, noodles and stir fry with homemade egg rolls as well as several desserts, including cinnamon rolls, cookies  and pie. Yesterday, I cooked venison burgers for lunch and nobody died, so I decided to do dinner tonight. In the gourmet tradition of my friends, I made lamb chops, pan broiled. Rice, green beans, gravy and 2 pies, one store bought apple and a homemade blubarb using ready made pie crusts.

I think it turned out well judging by the way Sir Dashing is snoozing in the recliner!

It was strange tonight, we only had 5 people at the table. Lost in Space hadn't yet gotten home after his week of work in the City. Mr. Peabody was out at men's prayer with our friend Rick and Mr. Inquisitive was not yet home from his air pistol competition in yet another city. (He got 2nd place, by the way.) We always eat dinner at the table together and there are usually 8 plus people there. Tonight with only 5 was really different. I liked it...but I missed my 3 traveling sons.

Mommy 1

Note from Mommy2:
Lost in Space will be living on Pizza and Pizza type dishes...
since that is what Lost in a Dream fixes best.
Mommy1 does fix Yummy food!

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