Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wii Fun on a Gloomy Day

Hey...Just so you know, I'm not a Winter Person...
meaning that I like/need a "little" sunshine each day...
today is a gloomy I played a little Wii.
Wishing for the sun to sunshine...but it didn't,
so I played Wii Bowling with my husband.
Ok...before you think I am obsessed with Wii...
It is great exercise and can be quite entertaining
to watch others play it .
You will know what I am talking about
if you have ever played it before,
but if you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about it.
You can buy it at almost any department store.
It hooks up to your TV...
comes in a box like this:

My advise is to have someone who knows
how to connect everything to your TV
to do is so much faster.
Anyway once it is connected & set up,
then you can play.
Children learn so much faster, so if you can find one...
have them help problem at my house. Ha,Ha.

Signed:  Mommy2
P.S. Mommy1  was over at my house a few weeks ago...
we even played a little Wii...
I think our children and husbands
were quite entertained by us playing...
I never laughed sooooo hard!

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